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Solar energy is a long lasting source of energy which can be used almost anywhere. To generate solar energy, we only need solar cells and the sun. Solar cells can easily be installed on house roofs, so no new space is needed and each user can quietly generate their own energy. Compared to other renewable sources, they also possess many advantages. Wind and water power rely on turbines which are noisy, expensive and easy to break down. Solar cells are totally silent and non-polluting. As they have no moving parts, they require little maintenance and have a long lifetime.

However, solar energy also has some disadvantages. We can only generate solar energy during daytime because the system depends on sunlight. Besides, solar cells require large area to work effectively. The main disadvantage of solar energy is that it costs about twice as much as traditional sources such as coal, oil, and gas. This is because solar cells are expensive. Scientists are hoping that the costs of solar cells will reduce as more and more people see the advantages of this environmentally friendly source of energy.

What does the passage mainly discuss?


The ways and places to install solar cells.


The differences between solar energy and others.


The advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.


The requirements for the installation of solar cells.

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The advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.

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