Read the following passage and circle the best answer for each question. Circle the letter A, B, C, or D.

Many people worry about the effects of television on family life in the United States. In the average home, the TV is on more than six hours a day. But do people always keep their mind on the programs? And do people who watch TV really spend less time on other free-time activities?

A study by some New York researchers found out that watching TV is the most popular free-time activity in the United States. More than 70% of Americans say that they watch TV every day, or almost every day. The second most popular activity is reading the newspaper. Listening to music at home is third. Talking on the phone to friends and relatives is fourth. Exercising or jogging is fifth.

Surprisingly, television does not seem to take time away from free-time activities at home. Six out of ten people said that when the TV is on, they seldom pay attention to it. During a typical television program, people may eat dinner, do housework, read a newspaper or magazine, or talk or read to their children. The TV becomes "background music."

The researchers learned that in some ways Americans are very traditional. Teenagers and single people may be interested in activities and excitement outside the home. However, eight out of ten Americans like to spend their free time at home with family members and friends.

(Adapted from ‘Reading Explorations’ )

What is the passage mainly about?


The bad effects of TV on American family life


The fact that Americans are very traditional


Americans’ television viewing habits


How Americans spend their spare time

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How Americans spend their spare time

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